Neck is the place of trust in a dream . If he sees his neck thin, then he is unjust and incapable of what he bore of trust . And whoever sees a snake folded on his neck, he does not pay zakat on his money . And if the Imam sees a thorn in his neck, then he is weak in his justice and oppression of his enemies . And whoever saw pain in his neck has abused sexual intercourse or in performing his trust . And whoever sees his neck struck by the sword, he will heal if he is sick, and if a rebellious boy strikes his neck, then he dies, because the rebellious boy is like a king . And whoever strikes his neck while he is concerned, then God will be concerned with him, and if he is owned, he will be freed, and if he is in debt, he will die, and the prisoner will also be released from prison . And the neck is the place of guardianship, testimony, will, zakat and religion . And whoever sees that his neck is smooth, fat, and fit in his body, indicates an honorable position, and if he is a witness, then he is innocent, and if he has a deposit he can get rid of or pay off his debt . And if he sees boils, pus, or liquid blood on his neck, then this indicates that his responsibility is working . If he sees a book on his neck, it indicates that he is busy with the obligation between himself and God Almighty . And if he sees a feather in his neck, then that indicates the fire . Good neck of the dead person is shown innocence . Also, the good neck of the traveler is evidence of his coming sound . And whoever sees a rope or wire of jewels or pearls on his neck, it is evidence of virtue, knowledge, and truthfulness . And if the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, saw his pinch in his neck, then he rebuked him from his poor grooming, and it may indicate the rest of the debt and the cure of illness . He who sees his neck of medium length is of good character, and if he is brave, his courage increases, and if he is of poor character, then he is generous . And the neck of the secretariats of women and the neck of the secretariats of men . And whoever sees a bird on its neck and it is white, then it is a good deed, and if it is black, then it is an ugly deed . And whoever sees a Qur’an on his neck, he is the fulfillment of the truth and the covenant and the recitation of the Holy Qur’an .