The Throne: Whoever sees him in a dream in a good quality will be a good tidings to him for the integrity of his belief, and if he sees it with a deficient characteristic, it indicates heresy and delusion . And perhaps the throne indicates the good or the bad that a person rides . And indicates the great position of his bosses . And perhaps he indicated the wife, the house, the boat, and the victory over the enemies . It indicates the work of poetry and that of derivation . Perhaps the vision of the throne indicated the good deeds of those who saw it in a good quality . And whoever saw the Throne and saw God Almighty and Glory be to Him, indicated that it was true, and that it was good in his religion . And whoever sees it and there is a defect in it that indicates whims and fads, let him repent to God Almighty . And whoever sees himself above the throne with his Lord under him and is one of those fit for the king, then he would overwhelm the imam and be proud on earth, otherwise he would be disobedient to his parents or his teacher, or he would disobey his master if he was a slave .