See books and newspapers

As for seeing books and newspapers, whoever sees something of the Qur’an interpretation books in his hand, his affairs are upright, and if he sees that he is reading about it then he does problematic matters and whoever sees from the jurisprudence volumes then he will be walking the path of good deeds and if he reads them then he follows the prohibitions, avoiding the prohibitions, the choice of right and whoever saw from the news volumes Or he reads it is close to the kings and whoever saw from the volumes of origins then he searches for mysterious things and if he reads something from them then he works with something that does not get benefit from it and may happen between him and the people of controversy and it may be the commission of something forbidden for it and whoever saw from the volumes of speech in the chapter on monotheism, logic and statement or Whatever suits that, or he reads something from them, he is engaged in wonderful matters, and whoever sees from the volumes of the virtues of praise and praise or reads something from them, then he is fluent in the tongue with good deeds and righteousness is commendable in his actions, avoiding the world seeking the Hereafter and whoever sees from volumes of prayers and sermons or reads something from them, God Almighty responds His supplication is communicated to him by one who is safe and whoever sees from volumes of stories or reads something from them, then people blame him for his actions. Something, it is the righteousness of his worldly works and whoever sees one of the volumes of poetry or reads something from it. If he has poetry with virtues and monotheism, then he encounters good and benefits, and if it is praise or determination, then he works by doing an act that gets him to blame and stabbing people, and he has no interest in it in his religion and world, and who sees volumes of expression or He reads something from it, then a hadith comes to him from a person of great destiny, and he gets good and honor from that. And whoever sees from the volumes of the account or read something from it he will be concerned about the quest of the world, and whoever sees the volumes of anecdotes, laughs and defects of people and glorifies them and what has no benefit in it or read something from that then it is issued He did an ugly act, and it was said that seeing the volume if it was not opened and did not know what was in it, then it is a good thing in every situation.