It is the aid for the human being on his worldly industry . The finger in hermeneutics is children, husbands, fathers and mothers, money and a king . Whoever saw that his fingers increased a good addition, that indicates the increase in what we have mentioned, and its shortage is a decrease in those who indicated it . And perhaps it is cut off or its usefulness in a dream will be suspended due to the inability to benefit the fathers, mothers, or children, or if his money goes away, or his animals die, or his property is suspended, or his industry is exhausted . Fingers may refer to the king’s representatives, who differ in their ranks and benefits . And whoever sees that he bites his fingertips in a dream, if he is sick, he will die . And whoever saw that his fingers were cut off, or a blight of weakness descended on them in his soldiers, children, relatives, or acquaintances . Fingers may refer to the five daily prayers, so the thumb is for prayer, the forefinger is for the back, the middle is for afternoon, the ring finger is for Maghrib, the pinky is for dinner, and the middle is for the prayer because it is desirable for lengthening, the ring for the back, and the pinky for the afternoon because it is at the end of the day . If the fingers are money, then the nails are zakat, and if the fingers are a soldier, the nails are their weapon and their number . The knots of the fingers are the contract of money, and the fingers are days, months or years . Fingers may refer to the brother’s children, and the one who is shouldered is brother, and the fingers are like children, which is money . And whoever sees a person cuts a finger for him, he is offending him with his money . And what happened to the fingers of goodness or corruption is related to the obligatory prayers or to the brother . The length of the fingers indicates an increase in greed, and if he sees a finger that has increased with his fingers, it is an increase in his kinship or in his prayer or in his knowledge, and if he sees that one of his fingers has moved to another location, then he delays the prayer until the time of the other . And whoever saw that he intertwined his fingers together, he would gather his prayers at one time, and perhaps his relatives would gather in a matter for consultation and cooperation . And it was said : Interlacing the fingers without working with tight hand . And it was said : It indicates fellowship or intermarriage and contracting, and perhaps this indicates nullification of movements and distracting from prayer, and it was said : The fingers of the right hand are the five daily prayers, and their shortness indicates shortcomings and laziness in them, and their length indicates maintaining the prayers, and the fall of one of them indicates abandoning Prayer . And whoever saw as if he was biting a human being, this indicates the bad manners of the bitten . And whoever sees as if milk is coming out of his thumb from his thumb and blood on his forefinger while he is drinking from them, then he should approach the mother of his wife or her sister . The cracking of the fingers indicates the occurrence of ugly words from his relatives . If the imam sees an increase in his fingers, that indicates an increase in his greed, his oppression, and his lack of fairness . And the fingers of the left hand are the children of the brother and sister . The dyeing of men’s fingers with henna is evidence of a lot of praise, and the dyeing of a woman’s fingers with henna indicates her husband’s kindness to her .