A jewel If you dream about jewels, this means great pleasure and wealth . If you dream that you wear it, this predicts a high rank and fulfilled aspirations . If you see others wearing it, you or one of your friends will be in high places . If you dreamed of garments decorated with jewels, this predicts rare good luck . A trading legacy or speculation will lift you to high positions . If you inherit jewels, your recovery will be unremarkable but not entirely convincing . If you dream that you have distributed jewels, this warns you of a threatening social class . If a girl dreams that she has taken jewels, this indicates many pleasures and a desired marriage . If she dreams that she has lost jewels, she will encounter people who flatter her and deceive her . If you find jewels, that means bright and fast progress in business affairs . If you donate jewels, you will subconsciously cause yourself harm . If you buy jewelry, this proves that you will be very successful in dangerous business, especially those related to the heart .