the nose

The nose is the center of the sense of smell, and it delivers air and smells to the body . And the nose in a dream indicates what a person has to bear in terms of money, father, son, brother, husband, partner, or worker, so whoever has a good nose in a dream was evidence of the good condition of the one mentioned above, and his darkness or old age indicates coercion and oppression . Also, his inhaling the pleasant smell is evidence of being high and kind . And the large number of noses in the dream in the face is evidence of comfort, children and followers . If he sees that his nose has become of iron or gold, that indicates a scourge that is afflicting him because of a crime that he commits, because those responsible for crimes cut off their noses . And if the seer was a merchant and saw his nose had become of gold or silver, that indicates his favor and the abundance of his profits . And perhaps the nose indicates what a person receives from the news on the tongue of a Messenger . The nose may be pointed at the spy who brings news that no one knows . And perhaps he indicated the vulva or the anus because of the filth that comes out of it . It may be indicated by the bellows or bellows from which he sustains his livelihood, and whoever sees its bellows destroyed may have had a disease in his nose . And whoever was a reciter, singer, or muezzin, and he saw his nose had been eradicated or that it was blocked and did not smell any smell, this indicates that it is not possible for him to rest from his making, because the nose is intended to release the breath . Perhaps the nose and ears pointed to the hills and cliffs with moths and mud . The nose may point to the vulva of the patient . It may be indicated by foolishness, arrogance, and bad praise. Whoever shrinks his nose in a dream, arrogance or crooked, indicates truth and humiliation . And whoever sees that he has had his nose leprosy, then this is evidence of his death or his affliction with a calamity that is a scandal, and if it is a pregnant woman, then it is her death or the death of her son . And whoever saw that he had a nosebleed and blood struck his garment, then that is forbidden money that would befall him, and if the blood was thick, then that was a child that would befall him . And it was said : The nose was lost by the death of its owner . And it was said : Whoever sees that he has two noses, then he has two sons, or his testimony annulls the testimony of two men, or there is a dispute between him and his family . And whoever saw that his nose was cut off, if he was sick he died, and if it was correct, he indicates that his condition has changed and his bankruptcy . And it was said : The nose is the relationship of a person, so whoever sees as if he has no nose, there is no mercy for him, and if he smells a good smell, his vision indicates the joy that befalls him . And if his wife is pregnant, she will give birth to a son .