Eating If a person eats in a dream in a hated vessel, such as a vessel of silver or gold, this indicates an excess of debt, and eating among people is desire . Chewing what is swallowed indicates negligence in earning and working . Swallowing what is chewed indicates debt and expediting the term, for it becomes impossible to taste that which is better than it indicates goodness of the interior, and if it turns into bitterness or sourness, this indicates the change of husbands and business . If he eats with his right hand, he follows the Sunnah, and if he eats with his left hand, he obeys his enemy and dries his friend, and if he ate from the hand of others, he provides chastity and trust, and perhaps sickness and inability to take with his hand . And if he eats of a lowly color, his value will decline, and eating squash is evidence of guidance and following the Sunnah and discernment . And whoever sees that someone else invites him to lunch, his visions indicate a distant journey, and if he invites him to eat, he will be rested from exhaustion . If he invites him to dinner, he is deceiving a man and deceiving him before he himself deceives him . Whoever sees that he has eaten food and has joined it, he will strive to pursue his profession . And whoever sees that he ate the flesh of himself, he eats of his wealth and treasures . If he eats the meat of someone else, if it is raw, then he backbites him or backbites another person . If the meat is cooked or grilled, then he eats other people’s money .