dead body

A corpse If you dreamed of a corpse, then this constitutes pessimism for happiness, as this dream indicates sad news about the absentee and frustrated work projects . The young man will suffer several disappointments and the joy will fade . If you see a corpse placed in a coffin, this means current troubles for the dreamer . If you see a corpse in black, this means the violent death of a friend or desperate business confusion . If you dreamed of seeing a battlefield covered with corpses, this indicates war and general conflict between the country and indicates political functions . If you see an animal corpse, this means an unhealthy situation for work and health together . If you see a corpse for any one of your current family, then this means death for this person, or for one of the family members, Abu means serious sedition for family relationships, and also a brutal and unusual act . For lovers, it is a sure sign of failure to keep important dates . If you put cash on the eyes of a corpse in your dreams, this means that you will see invisible enemies stealing you when you are weak . If you only put it on one eye, you will be able to return a lost fortune after a desperate struggle . This dream means for the girl misfortune and loss due to giving her confidence to cunning people . If a girl dreams that the official in the store in which you work has become a corpse and that she sees it when she sits with a clean-shaven body, then it foretells that she will be below the level of perfection that her lover sees in her . If she sees the head of a corpse falling from the body, this warns her of invisible enemies who will harm her and demean her in the eyes of her employer . Seeing the corpse in a storehouse of news that sadness and misery will affect all those involved in this . There are people who do not do what is right and do not listen to their consciences . There will be a pessimistic view of reassurance and successful work .