Snake If you dream of seeing a snake biting, and a dead friend who appears to be lying down and breathing, then rises to a sitting position when the snake attacks him, and then the two of them disappear inside some nearby bushes, this indicates that you will grieve deeply over the misfortune of friends and the loss that threatens you yourself . If you see a girl with a snake, this foretells that a deceitful person will cause her trouble . If the snake escapes from it, it will be able to defend its character from attacks against it . If a woman dreams that a dead snake is biting her, then she will suffer from the intrigues of a false friend . If you dreamed of seeing snakes, then all the evil, misery and bad money can be interpreted . And if you dream of snakes fighting and falling over each other, its interpretation is a bitter struggle with bad luck, sadness and pain . If you kill a snake in flesh, its interpretation is that you will feel that you have used and taken advantage of every possible opportunity to achieve your interests or respect the interests of others . You will rejoice over your victory over the enemies . If you walked on snakes in the dream, then explain it to you that you will live in constant fear of disease, as selfish people will seek to compete with you for your position in society . If the snake bites you it means that you will surrender to the ropes of Satan and the enemies will cause you losses in your trade . If you dreamed that a speckled snake is approaching you outside a green jungle, but you jumps away from it when it jumped on you, and after you forget the incident, you see it again approaching and increasing in size as it approaches you and then appears in the form of a quiet snake in size, if after great effort you managed to escape from it, then it is Disappear from before you, all of this is explained by the fact that you imagine that others betrayed you and rebelled against you and that things will go from bad to worse . You will become increasingly obsessed with illness and anxiety, but after breaking free from fearful illusions and performing duties aggressively, you will feel satisfied and at peace . If you dream that a snake wraps itself around you and extends its tongue to you, its interpretation that you will occupy a position in which you will be powerless and playful in the hands of the enemies and you will be ill . If you see in a dream that the hair of the head has turned into snakes, its interpretation of the occurrence of accidents that cause you sadness and anxiety . If snakes in a dream take unnatural shapes, they will run into problems and dangers that will disappear if you do not pay them attention and confront them with will and self-control . If you dreamed that you stepped on or saw a snake picking flowers or bathing, its interpretation of getting into trouble at a time when you were expecting happy events . If you see the snake biting another person, his explanation is that you will attack some friends and harm them . If you see small snakes, his interpretation that you will honor someone and improve him, then he deliberately offends you, discredits you and harms you . If you see children playing with snakes, explain that you can no longer distinguish your friends from the enemies . If a woman dreams that a child has placed a snake behind her head and that she hears the snake’s rustle and breath, its interpretation is that she will be persuaded to give up some of what she possesses for her benefit, but she will discover later that she has fallen into a plot where the enemies harm her . And if you see snakes raising their head over your friend’s head, his interpretation is that you will discover a plot to harm you and your friend . If you see a woman in a dream and the snake has fallen asleep, its interpretation is that someone will usurp your rights, but the law and influential friends will protect you .