The human

Whoever sees in a dream one unknown person from among the children of Adam, then perhaps the vision of that person is himself . If he sees that person doing good, he may be the one doing it, and if he sees him doing evil, he is the one who committed it . And perhaps one is the only one that ends up in his livelihood or his delay . And if he saw two, if he was afraid, he felt safe . If he saw three, that is evidence of piety for committing incest . And whoever sees a man who knows him, he takes something from him or from his likeness, and whoever sees as if he took something from him he loves, he will receive what he hopes for . And if he was from the people of the state and he saw as if he took a new shirt from him, then he would wear it, and if he took a rope from him then it is a covenant . If he sees it as if he took money from him, then he despairs of it and there will be enmity and hatred between them . And whoever sees a well-known person, that person will move to a high rank, and if he is of a high rank, his value is degraded, or a pest inflicted on him, then that indicates the descent of good or evil in him as he saw, and that is for example with an example, or the deficiency is an increase in his number or an increase In the seer there is a decrease in his number, and if this is not due to whoever is of his gender or likeness or who is from his country .