See the jewels

And whoever saw that he was given a red ruby, it would strike a woman or a beautiful maid, and if he saw that it hit many sapphires, then it is a disliked money. And whoever sees that he has struck a scattered pearl, he will inflict a boy or a boy, and if the pearls are within us, then it is women of good and beauty, and if it is a lot, then it is money and whoever sees that he swallows Pearl, for it is wisdom and knowledge that he preserves and whoever sees that pearls come out of it, it is a word from the words of God Almighty, and whoever sees a pearl strewn or scattered in a dump or a place in which it is despised, then he wastes the knowledge of righteousness there and belittles it, and whoever sees that he has a pearl in his hand, if his wife is pregnant, she gives birth to a maid belle