Seeing emeralds and beads

And whoever sees that he has struck an emerald, then he will acquire a brother in God, good brothers, and polite male children, or beneficial knowledge, or permissible and good money, and whoever sees that he has struck a bead or gives it, then he will be afflicted by servants and money or from the lowly people of a minimum order of that and whoever sees that he has a necklace of gold or silver And in it there is essence or stone, then he follows a mandate and takes on trust and whoever thinks that he has many necklaces or decades and he weakens her pregnancy, then he weakens from working with his knowledge and doing it, and if the woman sees that she has a necklace or necklaces, then the interpretation of that is in her husband or her values, and if she thinks that she is fit, then it is not It is better for him, and if a man sees that, then he has grief, and it was said that he marries a woman, whose danger to women is as dangerous as an ornament