Princes are employers

And whoever sees one of the princes who are the employers, then his interpretation is based on what his job requires, and if he sees that it has become so, then his interpretation is similar to it as well. As for the dawars, they increase their livelihood and fulfill their needs. As for the head of Nuba, victory, victory and wisdom, as for the prince of honor and the state, and as for the Khazindar, he betrayed him. The attainment of grace and capacity, and as for the slave-dar, it is a machine, and the donkeys are straightforward in their work and perseverance, and the prince of Shakar is imagined and flattering, and as for the flag of the dar, meaning the prince of knowledge, it is good news and it was said pleasure, and as for the stadium in two ways, whether a livelihood or a fond one, and as for the stadium of companions, it is the occurrence of goodness and good living And as for the saqi, it is the benefit of the princes, and as for the rest of the employers, it is expressed according to what they are engaged in, and in that it needs to be interpreted according to what was previously mentioned in the index .