See palpation

As for touching, whoever sees that he is touching something that is not permissible for him then he commits an unpleasant matter, and it was said that he who saw that he was touching someone, he would test it and it was said whoever saw that he touched someone he loved, he is pleased and whoever saw that he touched and ejaculated, it is what happened and who saw that he touched and required the washing, his vision is null because Whoever does Satan is money from treasure, yellow semen is born of many diseases, red has short life and black people of his house and some of them said seeing impurity is money and grace, and some of them said janaabah and semen have the same meaning and semen is another and its expression is joy and pleasure. It is the emission of money, and if he says I have the semen, then it is money and Jaafar al-Sadiq said, “Seeing impurity indicates three aspects of a child and the acquisition of money and its exit