See the ship

And whoever sees that he is in a ship, then he is in a ship, he is sick, or imprisoned, or something that prevents him from standing up in his matter, and the ship may be his deliverance from what he fears and warns, and it may be a woman. If he is single he gets married and whoever sees that he builds a ship or owns it or buys it or is gifted to him or is in it then he gets married A woman or he buys a maid and whoever sees that he was in a ship and goes out of her to land, then he will be saved from distress, confinement, worry, grief, misfortune, and sickness, and whoever sees that the ship continues its course, the concern is weaker and hastened to leave his owner from him, even if he is imprisoned as long as he is in prison, or he is ill for a long time, or a trip is made impossible for him Or he asked for a matter that he did not reach, and whoever saw that the ship was standing in the stagnant water, that was more difficult for him and for his escape, and it was said whoever saw that he was in a sea ship or in the river, then he enters a sultan or a ruler, and whoever sees that he ascends to a ship from the middle of the sea after he is certain of the destruction He was guilty, repented of his guilt, or a poor person who was well-off, or a patient who sought knowledge, or a worried person who was still worried, or a single man who married or befriended a maid, and whoever saw that he was in a ship and sank and gave him peace, then he is drowning in a worldly matter and his consequence is good, and whoever sees that his ship is broken by him and then overtakes Her boards, it is a misfortune in a father or uncle or the like, from danger He has and may indicate the death of its owner, and whoever sees that his ship is flowing in the air, then it is his death inevitably