See wells

And whoever sees that he is drinking water from a well, then he gets sick, and whoever sees that he has fallen into a well, a landfill, or a pit, he seeks help from someone who raises it, so that no one comes to him, because that is dug by him, and whoever sees that he draws from a well or a canal, then he hits money of something wrong, and if that water is emptied into another vessel, he spends it Or he goes, and whoever sees that he puts his bucket in a well and draws water, and if he has a lamb, then a boy will come to him, and if he had goods on a journey, it came to him, and if he had a sick person, he would go out, and if he was imprisoned, he went out and the well might be a woman. He digs a well, then he plots a woman and hits her as much as he struck from her soil, and if he finds bad water in it, then his livelihood is unpleasant, and if he sees that he looks into a well, he looks at the matter of a woman marrying before her, and it is good for that.