If you dream of flying high in space, this indicates marital misfortunes . If you fly low and close to the ground, this predicts illness and anxiety states that you will be cured of . If you are flying over muddy water this warns you to take care of your personal affairs as enemies seek to attack you . Flying over ruined places heralds bad luck and a depressing environment . If you notice trees and greenery beneath you while flying, you will suffer temporary chaos, but abundant bounty will pour in . If you dreamed of seeing the sun while flying, this predicts trivial and unjustified troubles, as your affairs will be successful despite your fears . If you dream that you are flying in the dome of the evening, passing the moon and other planets, then this predicts famine, wars and troubles of various kinds . If you dream that you are flying with black wings, this predicts severe disappointments . If you fell while flying, this predicts your fall . If you wake up falling, you will be able to restore your condition to the way it was . If a boy dreams that he is flying with white wings over green plants, this foretells an improvement in business and he will be successful in love . If his dream is repeated, then this indicates the multiplication of good deeds and the fulfillment of desires . If the trees seem barren or dead, he will endure obstacles which he will bypass in order to fulfill his desires . He will continue, but his work will yield negligible returns . If a woman dreams that she is flying a plane from one city to another and lands on church towers, then this indicates that she will struggle a lot on the path of false pleasures and claims of love . She will be threatened by a catastrophic period of poor health and this may follow the death of someone close to her . If a girl dreamed that she was hit by a gunshot while flying, this means that the enemies will try to impede her progress to the worlds of success and higher good .