Nadra Al-Malik and MP Youssef

Rarely, he narrated that he was in the city of a king called Joseph, and he had three white hairs in his beard, and he had a deputy called Joseph also on one side of the sides, and he was told that the deputy had grown three white hairs in his beard like the king, so the king slept that night and saw that the aforementioned deputy had come and sat at the rank of the king and the king was standing between his hands Governor woke up terrified and did not Iqss his vision on one summoned the attorney mentioned to order him when he represents his hands and wanted to order the executioner to kill him summoned Bgeles his taste and knowledge and claims to have knowledge of expression Varafh what he saw and what he meant in the said MP at that time keeping Maulana king said to him from the abuses and forbid killing A soul without a crime and the expression of what the king saw appeared in his wording, he said how that is, and he said: If the king saw him from the sitting of the aforementioned deputy on his honorable rank, it is the king’s sitting in person because he is named and similar in the gray, and as for the king standing in his hands, it is the deputy standing in this state in which he is. The vision came out .