The ummah Seeing the slave in a dream is evidence of the animal for its service . And evidence of Al-Dar channel for directing filth and dirt, and evidence of what a person travels in of mats and shoes . And it may indicate money or glory and honor and victory over enemies or the boat . And whoever sees that he has bought a white slave girl, he will profit in his trade and be well . If he buys a young maid, he asks something and is unable to . And if he bought a black slave girl, he would save them . And whoever sees a beautiful maid come to him, then good news will come to him, and if he has a livelihood with the sultan who is arrested then he takes it, and if he is absent then he will come to him . And if the slave girl is ugly, some hates him . And whoever sees a maid stalking people in the marketplace or inviting them to incest, then a fitnah will fall among the people .