Scabies He who sees that he has scabies in him, while he is scratching it, and there is no water or pus in it, then he is in distress and exhaustion on the part of his relatives . If the scabies is on his body, the harm is in his brothers and his livelihood . And if it is in his right hand, it is in the living . If it falls in his left hand, then it is from his partner or brother . If it falls on his cheek, it is from his clan . If it dwells in his womb, it is from his money and children . If there is water in the scab, then it strikes money with pain and labor, and if it is scratched and injured then it is money with sheep, and if it has pus or pus, then it strikes as much as that growing money . And it was said : Scabies and itching are worries and the authority of a people who has offended him will harm him . And whoever sees him as scabies, then he indicates the left and the wealth in the right of the poor, and in the rich indicates the presidency . It is better for a person to see that he is the one who was afflicted with scabies, leprosy, pustulation, or smallpox, and if he sees it in others, then it indicates grief and deficiency of the one who has the vision, and if he sees it in his possession, then he is not suitable for his service, and if he is his son then he does not obey his son in intercourse, even if it is His wife, this indicates that everything she does is ugly . If he saw scabies on his neck, then he is in debt