Isaac, peace be upon him

Seeing him in a dream is an indication of worry and distress, unless he has a child of his intellect, then he returns to his obedience, and perhaps his vision indicated good news and security from fear . And it was said : Whoever saw Isaac, peace be upon him, was afflicted with distress by some of the elders and relatives, then God would release him and give him honor and honor, and the righteous kings and presidents would multiply from his offspring. This is if he sees him in his beauty and the perfection of his condition. If he sees him changing the situation, his gaze disappears, and his vision may indicate the departure. From those to relief, from distress to capacity, from disobedience to obedience, and from disobedience to connection . And whoever sees that he has transformed into the image of Isaac, peace be upon him, and wears his garment, he will see death, then he will be saved from it .