Air : perhaps indicated by his name . Whoever sees himself in him standing, sitting, or seeking, then he is on the whim of his religion, or in deceit in his world, and his spirit of walking in which his work in the air or in a state of wakefulness, and his hopes, if he is in his heresy, then he is his heresy, and if he is an infidel authority, Then his debt will be corrupted with him, otherwise he will fear for his soul with him, and if he is in the sea ship, he is afraid of damage . And if he was on travel, he got fear . And if he is sick, he is presiding over perdition, and if he falls from his place, he will be damaged in his condition and fall into his deeds, because God Almighty says : “ Or the wind blows in a crushing place. ” If he dies in his miscarriage, this is the highest attainment of the goal evidenced by the one who dies, heresy or Kill or so . And as for the air to build a structure, or to strike a plank in it, or to install an animal or a wheel in it, and if a sick person died, or with him a patient died, and that is his coffin and tomb, if it was green, he was a martyr, and if he saw that as a ruler or ruler, he is isolated from his work Or he lost his power by death or life, and if he saw that he who had a marriage contract or built his family, then he is deceived with her, and without safety from her, and if he sees that who is in the sea, his ship is damaged, or his enemy is captured, or someone oversees the perdition. The two things . This may indicate a corrupt act that he did without knowledge or Sunnah, if he did not build it on a foundation, nor was his marquee or his pension based on a decision . As for flying in the air, it indicates travel in the sea or on land . If it was with a wing, then it is stronger for its owner, and it is safe for him and more apparent, then his wing may be money that he takes up, a ruler who travels in his arms and under his wing . The same applies to swimming in the air, and it may also indicate if it is without a wing, to deceive what enters it in terms of jihad, calculation, or travel other than the time of travel, on land or sea, and whoever sees that he flies casually in the sky, he traveled far away or gained honor . As for the jump, it indicates the transfer from what is in it to others, either from market to other, from house to locality, or from work to other, according to the extent of the two places. If he leaps from mosque to market, he will prefer the world to the Hereafter, and if it is from market to market A mosque, as opposed to that, and flying in the air may rise to those who multiply aspirations and hopes, and become a pipe . From place to place, transformed from state to state . The distant jump is a long journey, so if his jump depends on a stick, he relies on a strong man . As for the colors of the air, if the eyes of the seeker became black until he did not see the sky, then if his vision was the darkest between him and the heads above him, then if he did not assign him to a head, his eyes were blinded and his gaze was blocked by the light of guidance, and if the vision was of the world and they were crying in a dream or crying or They supplicate, with intensity descending upon them as much as darkness, either affliction or gloom or barrenness and barrenness . The same applies to redness, and the Arabs say the year of aridity : a dusty year, for the dust to rise to me from the severity of aridity, so the air is in the eyes of the hungry, and he imagines that there is smoke in it, so how if the one who darkens the air from it is smoke, then it is a torment from barrenness or something else, and as for fog it is confusion and sedition People are overwhelmed by confusion .