Planetary visions and interpretation

And whoever saw a path upon it, he would be struck by the house until the end of his life . Whoever the flower appeared on, he received the favor and so did Jupiter . And whoever rides a planet, he will have authority, jurisdiction, benefit, and rule . Some of them said : Whoever sees that the planets have gone from the sky, his money is gone, if he is rich, and if he is poor, he will die . For whoever sees small stars in his hand, he will attain male or dominance among people . And whoever sees a planet on his bed, then he becomes mentioned, then he surpasses his peers, or he serves an honorable man . And whoever saw the stars gathered together and lit up, he indicates that he will gain good in terms of travel . If he is traveling, he will return to his family with pleasure . Some of them said : Whoever sees the planets under a roof, then it is a bad evidence, and it indicates the destruction of the house of its owner, and it indicates the death of the owner of the house . And whoever sees that he eats the stars, he eats people and takes their money . And whoever swallows it without eating, the noble people will interfere with his affairs and his secret, and perhaps insult the Companions, may God be pleased with them . And whoever absorbs the planets, he will learn from the scholars . As for the five-car, Saturn : the owner of the king’s torment . The buyer : the owner of the property’s money . And Mars : the king’s war owner . Venus : The King’s Woman . And Mercury : the king’s scribe, and Suhail : a publican, and so was a freak . Al-Shari : Worship without God, may He be glorified and exalted, and its interpretation is false . Banat Coffin : An honorable scholar, because she is one of the stars that he guides in the darkness of land and sea . And whoever sees the stars scattered from the sky, it is the death of kings or a war in which a group of soldiers perish . And whoever sees that the ark is rotating with it or moving, then he travels and moves from home to house and his condition changes . And whoever turns a star from the stars that he is guided by, then people need him in their affairs, his management and his opinion .