Slime : In sludge and mud, there is no good in all that . If he sees that a patient whose illness has lasted, unless he sees that he is out of him, for he is out of the sickness and his recovery, and the patient is not if he walks in it or molts in it, then he enters into sedition, affliction and distress, or imprisonment, and the hand of a ruler, if he is saved from him in his sleep or surrender his garment and body From him in that mud, he was safe from what befell him in terms of sin in debt and damage in this world, otherwise it will be as much as he has suffered . The more it loosens its mud or deepens its bottom, the harder and harder it is in its evidence . The more its scent becomes corrupted and turns black, the more it indicates that it is forbidden, and the greater the number of sins and bad intentions . Likewise, kneading the clay and hitting it with milk, there is no good in it, because it is indicative of strife and strife, until the milk dries up or becomes dirt, and then returns money that he receives from after the hardship, delusion, strife and affliction .