So whoever sees the dawn has become, if he is sick, his illness ends with death or well-being . If he prays at that morning with people, or rides on a journey, or goes out to Hajj, or goes to Heaven, that is his death, the goodness of what he does of good, and the light of the grave . And if he draws water for food or buys hair, then the morning is his relief from what was in him from the illness, and if he saw that a prisoner left prison, and if he saw that it is reasonable about traveling on land or sea, his mind is gone and he will be released, and if he sees that by his wife, he will separate and separate from him Because the day distinguishes between spouses and monoliths, and if he sees that a sinner, heedless, an invalid, or an infidel with passion, he will repent of his condition and wake up from his negligence and darkness . And if he sees that he is deprived or a merchant whose trade has stagnated and his market is disrupted, their markets will move and their livelihoods will be strengthened . And if someone who has an unbelieving enemy who seeks him, or an unjust adversary who seeks him out, sees that, he will win over his enemy and seek the right over him. On the destinies of people, and what is in vigilance . And whoever sees that the whole of the age is a night and not a day, the people of that region will experience poverty, hunger and death . And if he sees that the whole age is night, and the moon and the planets revolve around the sky, then the people of that place will be wronged by a minister or writer .