The mattress

The bed is a woman in a dream . Whoever sells his bed divorces his wife, and if she is sick, she will die . And the mattress is a slave girl, and it is a rest, so the bed is soft for the woman’s obedience to her husband and her submission to him, and its capacity for good manners, and she found her modernity, and if the bed is made of wool or hair or cotton, then she is a rich woman, and if it is a brocade then she is a Magi woman, and if it is white then she is a religious woman, and if it is Black, she does a job that does not please God Almighty, and if it is green, then she is a woman of religion, worship and asceticism . Whoever sees that he has bought a mattress will marry a woman, and if the mattress is new, then the woman is beautiful, and if the mattress is torn, the woman is corrupt and not religious, and if he sees that his mattress has shifted from its position then he divorces his wife, and if he sees that his bed is at Sultan’s door, then he assumes a massive guardianship . And the mattress is indicative of the boy for his saying, peace be upon him : ( The child is to bed ) , and whoever sees in his bed goodness, corruption, increase or decrease, then this is interpreted in his wife . And if he sees another bed with his bed, he will marry another woman . And whoever sees that he has folded his bed and placed it towards the side, he will be absent from his wife . And whoever sees that he is sleeping on a bed, he is safe from what he fears, and he may be oblivious to his religion, and sleep is negligence .