Astronomy: Whoever sees in his dream that it is the first astronomy, then he will be accompanied by an unjust prince or a false minister . The second sphere is the king’s writer . And whoever sees that he is in the third ark, he gets married . And whoever sees the fourth ark, then he accompanies the caliph or a great king, and if he is not qualified for that then he will marry a beautiful woman . And whoever sees the fifth ark, he sees the king’s war owner or a pious man . And whoever saw the sixth astronomy gained knowledge and merit and was firm . And whoever sees the seventh ark, he will meet the king’s owner . And whoever sees the eighth ark, he will be accompanied by a great king . And whoever sees the ninth ark is a companion of a glorious man . And whoever sees the tenth orbit, which is the surrounding sphere, he sees the greatest caliph or the greatest king . And if he sees the entire ark, then he will be close to God Almighty and will receive a face or accompany the greatest kings of the earth . If a woman sees that she is under the lower sphere, she will marry the prince’s clerk or some of his employees .