Pregnancy woman

A woman’s pregnancy in a dream indicates that she is persevering in her affairs, and receives from it money and a growing increase, pride and honor, and good praise . And if a man sees that he has a rope, then they are heavy and hidden from the people, and he is afraid of its increase and its appearance, and the rope is an increase in the world for the visionary, male or female . Seeing a pregnant woman indicates anxiety, distress, and hidden matters . The conception of men in a dream indicates an increase in knowledge for the world, and it may indicate his worries, bemoaning, and the neighborhood of his enemy, or love and passion, and it may indicate someone who combines males and females in one place, or plants something out of place, or a thief enters his home, or hides in His house is a cache, or he steals theft and hides it from its owner . Perhaps the man’s rope indicated that he would destroy himself, and perhaps the foreign dead might be buried with him . Perhaps he was a liar pretending to be impossible, and perhaps he concealed his corrupt belief and belief . As for the rope of arrogance, it may indicate distress that reaches her family because of her, and it may indicate an evil accident that occurs in her place, such as a thief or fire, and perhaps she wears a jean or makes a device for her to suit her, or someone who is not competent for her, or her virginity wears off before her marriage . As for the barren woman’s conception, or the male cattle and cattle, this is evidence of the aridity of the Sunnah, the lack of its good, and the abundance of its temptation and its evil by thieves . And whoever sees that his wife is pregnant, he hopes for better than the exposition of this world . And whoever thinks that he has a pregnancy, then that is an increase in his wealth and world, and it is valid for women and men in any case . And the old rope of a locker of weapons is a trial . And it was said : Her pregnancy is idle work . It was said : It is fertile after barrenness . And a free woman without a husband, as well as a virgin, if they see that they are pregnant, then they will marry .