black stone

The black stone denotes in a dream the Hajj . Whoever sees that he is cutting the black stone, he wants to gather people according to his opinion . And if he sees that the people have lost the Black Stone, and they seek it, and find it in its place, then he is a man that all people think are misguided and he is on right guidance . And perhaps he indicated a knowledge that is unique to him and conceals him from his students . Whoever sees that he has touched the Black Stone, then he follows a Hijaz imam . If he sees that he uprooted it, then he takes it for himself especially because he is unique to heresy in his religion and not the Muslims, and if he sees that he swallowed it, then he is misleading people in their religions . If he saw that he shook hands with the Black Stone, then he is performing Hajj, and indicates the pledge of allegiance to caliphs and kings, or repentance at the hand of a scholarly imam . This may indicate kissing the boy, wife, or husband . Perhaps this indicated the service of those in office, such as rulers .