Whoever sees in a dream that he is digging the ground, he will be hit with money as much as digging, and as much as he gets from the dirt if it is dry . If it is wet, then he plots a person with money that does not gain from him anything but fatigue, and fatigue according to the amount of moisture of the soil . And drilling is cunning and deceit, and may kill the hoof . And whoever sees that he is digging earth and extracting dirt, and he is sick or has a sick person, then that is his grave, and if he is traveling, that is his travel, and dirt is his gain in this travel . And whoever sees that he is digging a well or canals, or he thinks that he is digging them to draw water, if that is for himself then it is a private livelihood, and if he has made the water in what he digs then that is a complication in his livelihood . And if he sees that he is eating from the land that he digs, then he will be hit with the money he ate from it, and the money that befalls him from deception will bring harm to him . And whoever saw that he was in a pit, he divorced his wife, and if he saw that he was in a pit and did not go down in it, there would be a quarrel between him and his wife, and then they clapped up . And whoever saw that he came out of a small hole, if he was sick or a prisoner, he would get out of what he was in . And whoever sees that he is absent in a hole that has no outlet, then he is permitted to do something according to the amount, depth and breadth of the digging . And whoever sees that he has fallen into a hole, then he cries for help to someone who raises him, and that no one comes to him, for that is his pit . And the pits indicate close travel . Drilling is a plot, and it is also a craft from its derivation . The pit is a poor, unseen woman . And perhaps the pit indicates security from fear, and salvation from adversity, especially for those who disappeared in it from an enemy, and if he finds good food or sweet water in the pit, or what is hidden in his awrah, then he will have a livelihood from a place that does not count, or reconcile with whoever plots it .