Fever indicates in a dream the repayment of the debt because it is an expiation for sins, and perhaps it indicates a threat and a threat . If it indicates the debt, then the debt may be three hundred and sixty dirhams, and if one day spends expiation for a year, and the year is three hundred and sixty days . Perhaps it indicated the noble clothes if it was cold in the summer time, or it was hot in the winter time . A fever may be a sign of anxiety for spouses, children, or partners . Fever is the fulfillment of a promise, because it is the fortune of every believer from the fire . Whoever you see in a dream is overheated, he is engaging in something that spoils his religion . The fever is a messenger of the King of death and a harbinger of him, reconciling what is between him and God Almighty, and if he sees that he is curtailed every day, then he persists in sins . If the meat of a quarter has been punished and repented repeatedly . The shaker is complacency, and the crucifix hurries into falsehood . And whoever sees that he is feverish and has died or has been shrouded, then he insists on a sin, felony, or insult to God Almighty, so that is a precursor to him to repent . And whoever sees that he is feverish, his life will be prolonged, his body is healthy, his money will increase, and people will covet it, and resort to him . Perhaps a fever indicates a pigeon that the visionary enters, causing him to suffer anguish and thirst .