The vision of the defeated

The vision of Al-Mobtan on the authority of Makhzum bin Hani Al-Makhzoumi on the authority of his father – and a hundred and fifty years have passed over him – he said : When the night on which the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, was born, a fractured iwan shook and fourteen balcony fell from it, and the fire of Persia was extinguished and did not quench a thousand years before that , and the lake descended. Saveh , and opinion Mobman Ebla difficulties leading the horses godfather was cut off the Tigris and spread in her country , when he became fractional horrified what opinion Vsber should encourage , and then view that does not conceal it from his ministers and Mrasbeth He put his crown and sat on his bed and putting them to him when they met him told them on him that sent them in it and invited them And while they are like that, when a book was mentioned to him in the dying out of the fire , he increased from his distress , and the apostates said : And I reformed God the king , I saw on this night – and told him the vision in camels – then he said : What is this Yamauban and he knew to himself about that – then he said : Accident It is from the Arabs , so he wrote at that : He who broke the king of kings to Nu’man ibn al-Mundhir , but after he directed to a man who knew what he wanted to ask him about , and he directed to him Abd al-Masih bin Amr bin Hayyan bin Baqila al-Ghassani. When he came to him, he said to him : Do you know what I want to ask you about it? He said : Let the king tell me if I have knowledge of him Otherwise, I told him who he knows . They tell you what the opinion , he said : aware of it for free I lived the outskirts of al – Sham said to him Facet , said : death ask him what I asked him and I missed his answer , he rode Abdul Christ camel even presented on Facet has overseen the death and greeted him and life did not Ihr Facet Gowaya he created Abdul Christ He says a deaf mother who hears the gathers of Yemen and mentioned seven verses of poetry . When Satih heard his hair, he raised his head and said : The servant of Christ on a camel falling to the roof and he has fulfilled the tomb. The valley of Ashawah and the lake of Sawa overflowed, and the fire of Persia was extinguished, so the Levant is not for the surface of Shama, from whom there are kings and queens according to the number of balconies and all that is coming. Then Satih spent his place, so Abd al-Masih went on a journey and he said – and he mentioned to him seven verses of poetry. When Abd al-Masih came to Kashri, I was told by saying Suatih said until he had fourteen kings among us, which were matters and matters. Ten of them ruled over four years, and the rest to the succession of Othman bin Affan – may God be pleased with him – and from the vision that took place what was ordered by Abdul-Muttalib bin Hashem, the grandfather of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, who dug Zamzam after Anders its location and pardoned its effect. Ibn Ishaq told me Yazid bin Abi Habib al-Masri, on the authority of Murthad bin Abdullah al-Yazni, on the authority of Abdullah bin Zaryer al-Ghafiqi, that he heard about Ibn Abi Talib – may God be pleased with him – the hadith of Zamzam occurs when he ordered Abdul Muttalib to dig it, so Abd al-Muttalib said that I sleep in When the stone came to me, he said : I dig good. He said : I said, What good? He said : Then he departed from me. When the next day I returned to my bed and slept in it, he came to me and said : Dig a well . He said : So I said : It is not right . He said : Then he left . When tomorrow was the day, I returned to my bed and slept in it , so he came to me and said : Dig the crazy , he said : So I said : What is the one who is insane? He said : Then he left me . When the next day I returned to my bed and slept in it, he came to me and said : Dig Zamzam , he said : I said : What is Zamzam? He said : Never bleed or mourn , the greatest pilgrims are watered , and it is between the grain and the blood , at the pit of the mighty crow , at the village of ants . Ibn Ishaq said : When between him that indicated by the place and knew that he had ratified tomorrow Bmaolh and his son Harith bin Abdul Muttalib not him that day was born other haf when he appeared to Abdul great demand folding Quraish knew that as he realized his need and they to him and they said : O Abdul Muttalib it well Our father Ishmael, and that we have a right in it . So we were with you in it . He said : I am not doing this matter. This matter was assigned to it without you and I gave it from among you . So they said to him, so do we do justice to him , for I do not leave you until we quarrel with you about it . He said : So make between me and you who you want, I judge you to him , they said : Priestess Bani Saad bin Hudhaim? He said : Yes , he said : And it was under the supervision of the Levant, so Abd al-Muttalib rode with a group of his father’s sons from Bani Abd Manaf and rode from every tribe from the Quraysh of Nafar. He said : And the land, then , is a contingent . He said : So they went out even if there were some of these shifts between the Hijaz and the Levant. The Muttalib and his companions were thirsty until they became certain of the death, so they sought from the Quraysh tribes with them, and they refused and said : We are in a metaphor and we fear for ourselves like what happened to you . When Abdul Muttalib saw what the people did and what he fears for himself and his companions, he said : What do you see? They said : We have seen nothing but follow your opinion, so we went through what you want . He said : I see that every man of you dig it for himself when you now have much strength. Whenever a man dies, his companions push him into his pit and then show him until the last of you is one man, the scandal of one man , a captive of a village he rode all together . They said : Yes, what I ordered . So each one of them arose, dug it, and then sat waiting for death of thirst . Moreover, Abd al-Muttalib said to his companions : By God, if we throw us into our hands, so is death. We do not strike on the ground and do not seek for ourselves due to powerlessness. Hopefully God will provide us with water in some countries. emitted by the burst of Takht Khvha was appointed fresh water magnify Abdul Muttalib and the size of his companions then came down and drank and drank his companions and drew even filled Osagathm then called the tribes of Quraish said : Come to the water God has given us to drink Vacherboa and Astqgua they came Fsharbwa and Astqgua then said : may God spent you to us , O Abdul Muttalib, by God, we never quarrel with you in Zamzam . The water which is given you to drink this in this wilderness , which is a given you to drink Zamzam refer to Sagaatk adult , and he came back and returned with him and did not reach the priestess and passed away between him and them . Ibn Ishaq said : This is the one who reached me from the hadith of Ali bin Abi Talib – may God be pleased with him – in Zamzam . In the novel Bayhaqi context is the context in which the foregoing and in which he said : haf even entrusted water Fajrgaha in the decision and then Tbhrha do not even bleed and then he built a swimming Vtefq he and his son Bntzaaan . They fill this basin this results in him Haj Vixrh people separately from the Quraish night Faisalha Abdul Muttalib when it becomes , when he ate his corruption called Abdul Muttalib Rabbo Vari in a dream that was said to him : Say : O Allah , I do not solve it for bather but is Sharp solution Lobel , then Kvihm , so he Abdul Muttalib when Quraish disagreed in the mosque cried with him that I then spend did not spoil his pelvis by one of the Quraish Except throwing a disease in his body until they left his pelvis and watering .