The vision of Rabia bin Nasr Al-Lakhmi

Ibn Ishaq said : Rabi’a bin Nasr, king of Yemen, was among the fold of kings . Altbabah and saw the vision of his aura and Feza it did not let a priest nor a magician nor Aaiva nor an astrologer from the people of his kingdom , but raised him and said to them , I saw a vision Hltinay and Fezat them and they told me it and Ptooelha , they said to him : Aqssa we let you know Ptooelha , he said : I told you it did not reassure He told you about its interpretation, because he only knew its interpretation before he told him about it , and one of them said to him : If the king wants this, then he should send to me a flat one and he is not one of them who is more knowledgeable of them. They tell him about it . He asked about it , so he sent to them, and he came to him before he cut and said to him : I saw a vision that astonished me and was horrified by it, so he told me about it, because if I hit it, I would interpret it. He said : I do , I saw a lava that came out of darkness , and it fell into the ground of an accusation, and every person ate a skull from it , so the king said to him : What have I missed from it, O Satih, what do you have in its interpretation? He said : I swear by the Ahartin of Hanash to Thbtun land turkey , Vlimlkn between Abyan to Jerash , the king said to him : and my father Facet this to us turd object is hurtful when will , Avi Zamani this or after? He said : even after more than sixty or seventy Laken , Aamadan years , said : Ofedom from their king or cut off? He said : No, but it is cut off for a few seventy years , then they are killed and escaped from it . He said : And who comes after that who kills and expels them? He said : It is followed by Iram bin Dhi Yazan , who comes out of Aden , and he does not leave any of them with the oath . He said : Is that from his authority or is it cut off? He said : No, but it is cut off . He said : Who will cut it? He said : A clever prophet , to whom the revelation comes from the Most High. He said : Who is this Prophet? He said : A man from the son of Ghalib bin Fehr bin Malik bin Nadar , the king will be in his people until the end of the age . He said : Is there another age ? He said : Yes , on which collects Alolon and others , is happy where Improvers , and Ishqy it Abusers , said more deserving of what you tell me? He said : Yes , and twilight and dusk , and fractures if they are consistent . What I have told you is true . Then he presented a slit on him, and he said to him, as he said to Sateh and concealed it, what he said to see: Do they agree or disagree , and he said : Yes , I saw a lava that came out of darkness and fell between a meadow and a heap and every soul ate from it. He said : When he told him that, he knew that they agreed , because their saying is only one That Surface said : You fell on the ground of an accusation, and every body ate from it , and he said part : It fell between a kindergarten and a hill, and every soul ate, so the king said : I made a mistake, O part of it, what do you have in its interpretation? He said : I swear by the Ahartin of the human being , the land Anzln Sudan , Vlegbann on each child Banan , and possess between Abyan to Najran , the king said to him : and my father slit this to us , and when will turd hurtful object? On my time or after? He said : Who is this great matter? He said : A young man who is neither physical nor cities , takes them out of the house of someone who weighs , so he does not leave any of them in Yemen . He said : Is his dominion lasting or cut off? He said : but cut off the sender of the Messenger , comes right and justice , between the people of religion and the credit , be king in his people – to – day chapter , said : What day chapter? He said : a day when rewarded governors , and called it from heaven calls , heard of them living and the dead , in which people gather to Meeqaat , be it for those who fear win and good deeds , he said : deserving of what it says? He said : Yes, Lord of the heavens and the earth , and what is between them of raising and lowering , if what I have foretold you will follow what is in it . Ibn Ishaq said : He fell in the same Rabia ibn Nasr Maqla Fjhz his sons , and insulted his home to Iraq , including fix them and wrote them to the king of the kings of Persia told him Sabor bin Khrzad Vosknhm confusion , it is the rest of the born Rabia ibn Nasr al – Nu’man ibn al – Mundhir , he is from Yemen ratios and knowledge Numan Ibn Al-Mundhir Ibn Al-Nu`man Ibn Al-Mundhir Ibn Amr Ibn Uday Ibn Rabi`ah Ibn Nasr That king . Ibn Hisham said : An- Nu’man ibn al-Mundhir ibn al-Mundhir in which he told me Khalaf al-Ahmar . This story Ibn Hisham was mentioned in the biography and Ibn Jarir in its history and Obongam Asbahani in signs of prophecy and the son of many at the beginning and the end , all of them from the son of Isaac and increased by Ibn Jarir in the novel to him from Ibn Ishaq said : When Facet construction of Rabia Nasr said bin so making Rabia , his son and his family He did not make gold. He mentioned that in the Arabs and they spoke about it until he mentioned it and knew it in them . When Abyssinia came to Yemen, and the matter that they were talking about took place from the command of the priests . Al- Ashah said : I’sa bin Qais bin Tha’labah al-Bakri in some of what he says and he mentions what happened from the matter of those two priests Flat and prickly she looked with lips, as her look really, as the wolf said when he shrieked .