The vision of Ibn Bakhtasar that he would be killed

Among the dreams of kings is also the vision of Ibn Bakhtasar . Ibn Jarir mentioned it in his interpretation in a long story narrated on the authority of Sa`id Ibn Jubayr, in which Ibn Bakhtasar said that it was enough. She went out between two panels and then wrote two lines, so he called the priests and scholars, but they did not find knowledge for them in that, and his mother said to him : If you returned to Daniel the status that he had from your father He told you , and he had dried it up, so he called him and said : I am returning you from my father, so tell me what are these two lines? He said : As for you to return my position from your father, I do not need it , and as for these two lines, you will be killed tonight , so I go out all of the palace and command it to be locked, so the doors are closed to him, and the security of the people of the village entered himself with a sword and he said : Whoever came to you from behind God, kill him and if he says I So and so , and God sent his belly to him, so he started walking until it was halfway through the night, and he fell and fell asleep, then the belly alerted him, so he went walking and the other was asleep, so he returned and woke up with him and said to him : I am so-and-so .