See greenery, planting and lawn

And whoever sees much greenery on the face of the earth that knows its essence, then it is a debt and is good for him and for the public, and if he sees in it herbal or weed, then it is money and fertility, and whoever sees a greenish land has dried up, it will be good, and what is of the scourged plant is they and grief, and whoever sees that he has a well-known plant, then he has done in his religion And his world is as much as the planting and its danger, and whoever saw a planting in an unknown or known place other than the cultivation and the ears of it, he realized and exceeded his condition, for they are men gathered in war. If he reaps they are killed, and whoever sees that a man contravenes him to plant it and reaps it, then his wife has committed adultery, and whoever sees green ears, then they are fertile years. It was dry, for it was infertile years, and whoever saw that he was given a seed or eats it, then he provides a hundred and whoever sees that he has struck something from the lawn and hay, or one of them enters his house, then he will have a lot of money and fertility