Fadl Abdullah bin Salam

Fadl Abdullah bin Salam . On the authority of Qais ibn Abbad, he said : I was in Medina with people including some of the companions of the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, and a man came in his face with a trace of reverence. Some of the people said : This is a man from the people of Paradise. This is a man from the people of Paradise. He prayed two rak’ahs in which it is permissible. Then he went out and followed him. When I became comfortable, I said to him : When you entered before, a man said such-and-such and he said : Glory be to God, what should one say to what he does not know, and I will talk to you Why did that see a vision during the time of the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, so she told him you saw me in a meadow – he mentioned its capacity, grass and greenness – and in the middle The kindergarten is a pillar of iron below it in the ground and above it in the sky, above it a loop, and it was told to me : I told him : I cannot. So Moncef came to me. Ibn Aoun said, and the fair-minded servant said : With my clothes behind me, he described that he lifted it from behind him with his hand, so I was separated until I was at the top of the pillar, so I took the handle, and it was told to me. : Ostmk woke up and she has to in my hands Vqsstha on the Prophet peace be upon him , he said : ( the kindergarten column of Islam and that Islam column and that handhold the most trustworthy and you’re on Islam until you die ) said the man Abdullah bin Salam . And in a narration : I was in a circle in which Saad bin Malik and Ibn Umar passed by, and Abdullah Ibn Salam passed by and they said, This is a man from the people of Paradise, so I got up and said to him : They said such-and-such and he said : Glory to God they should not have said: I have no knowledge of it, but I saw as if a pillar was placed in A green kindergarten was installed in it, with a buttonhole on its head, and at the bottom of it was fair – and the fair was the Wasif – and it was told to me : I spoiled it, and I spoiled it until I took the handhold, so I told it to the Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, and the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, said : ( Abdullah dies while taking the most trustworthy arrow ) On the authority of Kharsha ibn al-Hur, he said : I was sitting in a circle in the Madinah mosque. He said : And there is a Sheikh of good standing , Abdullah bin Salam. He said : He made a good conversation with them. He said : When he got up, the people said : He who is pleased to look at a man from the people of Paradise let him look at this he said. : So I said : By God, I will follow him, so I know the location of his house . He said : I followed him, and he went until he almost left Medina, then entered his house. He said : So I asked him for permission, so he gave me permission, so he said : What do you need, son of my brother? He said : I said to him : I heard people tell you what you : is pleased to see a man of the people of Paradise , let him look to this Vojbna to be with you said : God knows the people of Paradise and I’ll tell you mm said that I while I’m asleep if you came to me a man said to me : then took With my hand, I set off with him. He said: So I was on a horse on my north. He said : I took to take it. He said to me : Do not take it, for it is the path of the owners of the North. He said : If a horse is a path to my right, then he said to me : Take here and bring me a mountain and he said to me : Go up He said : So I went if I wanted to go up I fell on Estée said : so I did it repeatedly said : then zap me so he brought me Amoad his head in the sky and below the ground in the above episode , he said to me : ascend above said this : I said : how to go up this head in the sky , said : he took my hand Vzgel me said : If I am related to loop said : then hit the column pride said : remained related to the episode until it became said : two deaths Prophet peace be upon him Allaah be upon said : ( The ways in which I saw on the left are ways north owners said : The ways in which I saw your right hand , they are The roads of the right-handers, and as for the mountain, it is the home of the martyrs, and you will not attain it. He still clings to it while you die ). His saying : If a horse is a method, Al-Nawawi said : The horse is a plural of avenue . And the approach is the straight path and the path of the method between clear and saying : Zajal me means throwing me .