Marriage If a girl dreams that she has married an old man with wrinkled face with gray hair, then this predicts that problems and disease will beset her . If a girl dreamed that her lover passed by in front of her wearing a black dress and looked at her with reproachful looks during a wedding party, this means that she will feel sorry for the coldness of her friend’s emotions and change his attitude towards her . If you dream of seeing a wedding, this indicates that joy and happiness will overwhelm you if the audience is happy and wears brightly colored clothes . But if they wear black and dark clothes, that means that sadness and sorrow await you . If you dream that you sign a marriage contract, then this means bad news from an absent person . If you are present at a wedding, this means that you will be happy because of the interest of someone you love, and your business will also flourish greatly . If you dreamed of a bad accident in a wedding, that means a calamity, illness or death in the family . If a girl dreams that she is a bride, but she is unhappy, then this means disappointment in the ocean of passion, and this may mean her illness . She has to be careful in her behavior and steps if enemies lie in wait for her . If you dream that you are bound by an unrecognized marriage, then this indicates that you will engage in a reckless way in an unpleasant matter . If a girl dreams that I am not convinced of her marriage, this foretells that her tendencies will incite her to commit flagrant stupidity . If a married woman dreams of her wedding day, this foreshadows her to strengthen her strength and feelings against disappointment and sadness . You will also get involved in secret quarrels and jealousy situations . If a woman imagines that she is happy and safely cared for in a marriage, then this dream bodes well .