World vision

And whoever sees that he has become a scientist and the people accept his saying and was ignorant, he indicates his contempt in the eyes of the people and reminds him in their mouths of something that is not appropriate, and if he is a scholar and saw that indicates honor and the height of destiny, and whoever saw a scientist near him or spoke to him words useful for his listening, it is a good and a benefit. The advanced scholars have become in a country or place, and if the people of that place are in distress, distress, or lack of relief from God and reveals what they have, and whoever sees its jurist knows it, then it is good and pleasure, and if he does not know him, then he is a good man who enters that position in which he sees it and whoever sees that he has become a jurist and was Welcome for that, because it is the attainment of honor and elevation, and if he is from the people of the states then he must follow the mandate and whoever sees one of the jurists becomes a non-jurist there is no good