Roya Bint Zamaa in her marriage to the Messenger

The vision of Sawda bint Zam’a that the Messenger of God – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – will marry her 58 – on the authority of Ibn Abbas who said : Soudah Bint Zam’a was with the drunken bin Amr, my brother Suhail bin Amr, and she saw in a dream as if the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – accepted walking until he stepped on her neck So you told her husband about that, and he said : And your father, if you believed your vision of dead and let the Messenger of God marry you – may God bless him and grant him peace – and she said : A stone and a cover. Hisham said : The stone negates that, then she saw in a dream another night that a moon pounced on her from the sky while she was lying down, so she told her husband, and he said : And if your father believed your vision, I was only a little while until I died and married after me, so I complained of drunkenness from that day, and it was only a little while until he died and the Messenger of God – may God bless him and grant him peace – married her .