Islam Islam man in a dream is righteousness in religion. If a polytheist sees that he has converted to Islam, and sees that he is praying towards the direction of the direction, or he sees that he thanked God Almighty, God guided him to Islam . And if he was in the abode of polytheism, and he saw in his dream that he had converted to the abode of Islam, then he would die sooner . If he sees a Muslim as if he is a second Muslim, he is safe from the horizons . And every polytheist who saw in his dream or someone else saw him as if he was in heaven, or that he was jewelry bracelets of silver, then he is greeted . And whoever sees one of the polytheists as if he were dead, then he will live, and he will greet . Likewise, if he sees his chest, or if he sees himself in a ship in the sea, he gives salutation . And whoever utters the two testimonies among the people of the Dhimma in a dream, he will get rid of his severity, or he is guided after he was deceived, and if his coercion was in the foreground, and if he was an apostate in awakening and saw in a dream that he uttered the two Shahada, he returned to his parents after he abandoned them, or returned to a place he left Or to a reason he used to do it even if he was a Muslim who testified to the truth or was famous for honesty .