A demon

If you see the devil in a dream, then you will take a dangerous adventure and you must keep your appearance respectful . If you dreamed that you killed him, then this indicates that you will move away from the company of bad and evil in the midst of the better and better . If it comes to you in the form of literature, then that is a warning against false friendships, especially hypocritical friendly friends . And if Satan comes to you in the form of wealth or power, you will not be able to use your influence and influence to secure harmony with others or raise their level . If the devil comes to you in the form of music, know that you will kneel before his temptation and magic . If he comes to you in the form of a charming woman, all your sweet thoughts and feelings will be destroyed in order to embrace this hateful person . If you dream that you are immunizing yourself against Satan, you will be able to pull off the bond of self-pleasures and work to give others everything they deserve . If farmers dreamed of the devil, then this means a withered crop and death among livestock, as well as illness in the family . Athletes should see this dream as a warning to take care of themselves as they are likely to risk breaking state laws . As for the preacher, this dream is undeniable proof of his overzealousness . And it is imperative that he not worship God by whipping his neighbors with the whip of his tongue . If you dream about the devil, a huge person who is gracefully dressed, wears a number of shiny jewels in his hands and on his body, and tries to persuade you to enter his home, this warns you of bad people who seek to destroy you by cunning adulation . It is imperative for an innocent girl to search for another place among friends after this dream, and to avoid the strange interests of her, especially those shown by married men . A frail woman is likely to be robbed of her jewelry and money by apparently strangers . Be careful of the company of Satan, even in dreams . Satan is always a harbinger of despair . If you dream that his influence is overwhelming you, you will fall into traps that enemies set up for you as friends . This dream means for the lover that he will lose his loyalty due to fucking fun .