The bird

The bird is in a dream glory, sultan and adornment, and the merchant has a profit . If the bird is unknown, it indicates the angel of death . And if the bird picks up a leaf, a worm, and the like and flies with it to the sky from a house where the sick person is, then it will die . And it may refer to the traveler who saw him has fallen on him . It may refer to the work of those who saw it on his head or shoulder . If it is white then it is clear, and if it is colored then it is a different action . Unless he has a pregnant woman, if the bird is a male then it is a boy, and if it is a female then she is a girl . The great birds denote the kings, presidents, scholars and the rich . And the waterfowl is the noblest who attained the rule in two aspects : the authority of the water and the authority of the air . And what birds do not sing or mourn for companions of singing and noah . And what a zero of birds and sparrows and beavers and nightingales are little boys . And the group of birds for those who eat them money, dinars and power, especially if he is caring for them . And whoever sees birds flying over his head, he will obtain the mandate and rulership . If he sees birds flying in his place, they are the angels . And whoever sees a bird that comes from heaven and falls between his hands, it is a constant good news for him to rejoice . Perhaps the unknown bird indicated the warning and exhortation . And whoever has a good plane in a dream is his good work, or a good messenger came to him . And whoever saw a bird with a full-fledged creation, perhaps it was bad, or a human messenger came to it . And the unknown bird sustains . And it was said : Black birds indicate bad deeds, white birds indicate good deeds, and colored birds are works of confusion .