If you dream that you are walking with your sweetheart in a green orchard full of ripe fruits, then this means a generous reward for your loyalty to the one for whom you work, abundant goodness and success in work . As for wives, this dream means a happy home and obedient children . If you dreamed that you were in a grove and saw cows eating fallen fruits, then this means that you will dissipate your dreams in your quest to demand what is not yours . If you dreamed that you were gathering fruits from a grove, this bodes well and blessings for everyone . If you see in a dream that an agricultural pest has hit a grove, this means that you will fall into poverty after affluence and wealth . If you dreamed that you were walking in a grove and caught among intertwining blackberry plants, this warns you that there are competitors who will envy you . But if you are married, then this means a quarrel and quarrel with the marriage partner . If you dreamed of seeing a barren orchard, this means that the chances of rising to higher levels in life will escape from you . If you see in a dream a bare orchard with no green , then that means your preoccupation with the pleasures of the present and your distraction from securing your future . Seeing a storm ravaged orchard means that a heavy guest will descend upon you or you will do a difficult job .