The virtue of the Sunnis and the community

Preferred Sunnis and the group of 75 – for the rest of the Ibn al – Walid said : told me Abu Ghias said : Whilst I wash the nomadic people of fate , said : Vtafrqgua me I stayed alone , I said : Woe to the deniers Bokdar God, said : Vantvd even fell off the helm, he said : When he buried him At Bab Al-Sharqi, I saw in my sleep that night as if I was leaving the mosque, if a funeral in the market was carried by an Ethiopian with her feet in their hands, so I said : What is this? They said : So-and-so. I said : Glory be to God, didn’t you bury him at Bab Al-Sharqi? He said : You buried him in a different location, so I said : By God , I will follow him so that I can see what he is doing with it. So when they came out with him from the gate of the Jews, they tended him to the graves of the Christians, so they buried him in it, so his legs appeared to me If it is blacker than the night .