Fadl Sahih Al-Bukhari

Fadl Sahih Al-Bukhari 76 – Sheikh Al-Islam Abu Ismail Al-Harawi narrated with Al-Harawi’s chain of transmission with his chain of transmission to Abu Zaid Al-Marwazi. He said : I was sleeping between the corner and the shrine, and I saw the Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in a dream and he said to me : O Abu Zaid, how long will you study the book of Al-Shafi’i and not study my book? I said : Oh Messenger of God, what is your book? He said : The Mosque of Muhammad bin Ismail . The vision of the death of Ibn al-Jawzi 77 – On the authority of Abu al-Rabi ‘Ali bin Abd al-Samad bin Ahmad bin Abi al-Jaish on the authority of Abiyya, he said : Afif al-Din Maatuq al-Qalioubi said : I saw what he saw as the sleeper saying : To your life I have led and broken a pulpit, and I am conscious of the poor. An answer He said : I took notice of my sleep, so I said : see anything that happened Fjana news the death of Sheikh Ibn al – era time I said : that was left of the form , please to clarify and become a quarter of a ruined science