A vision of who was with Joseph in prison

The vision of all of the boys of God has been mentioned – the Almighty – in saying : ( and entered the prison with him one of them boys , she said the other eras wine I showed me and said I bring over my head bread eat the bird from him Nbina Ptooelh Verily we see you from benefactors ). Surah Yusuf Al-Ayyam 41. Then he told them the interpretation of each of them, so he said: ( O friends of the prison, as for one of you, his Lord will drink wine, and the other is poured, and you eat medicine from his head. ) Surat Yusuf, verse 36. Youssef, peace be upon him, was interpreted as he was told . One of them was crucified until I ate the bird from its head , and the other left prison and served the king . Ibn Jarir and al-Hakim narrated on the authority of Abdullah bin Masoud – may God be pleased with him – who said : (The boys who came to Yusef – may blessings and peace be upon him – in the vision were only lying, so when he began their visions, they said : We were playing and Yusef said : (The matter in which you questioned you ) . Governor said : true on the condition of the two sheikhs agreed , golden Summarizing , the son of many , said : , as well as interpreted by Mujahid and Abdul Rahman bin Zaid bin Aslam and others , and that dream be summed up Bbatal and it needs to be interpreted Ptooelh .