The pigeon

The dove : It is the righteous and beloved woman who does not seek a substitute for her husband, and Noah, peace be upon him, called for her, and indicates the urgent news, the Messenger and the book, because she relays the news in the book, and the origin of that is that Noah sent the raven to know the matter of water for him, and he found a corpse floating on the water, so he worked With it, he sent the dove and she brought him a green paper, and he called for it : it is for whoever is in distress or has absent good news if it falls on him or a plane comes to him, unless he is sick and falls on its head, for it is the pigeon of death, especially if it was from the dove and waved at his head in Sleep, and perhaps the dove was a girl . And the best green pigeon, and whoever sees that he owns something immeasurable from it, he will have spoil and goodness . Some of them are daughters and neighborhoods, and its tower is a compound of women, and its chicks are sons or neighborhoods . And whoever sees a human pigeon, then he is a beech man, and if he sows fodder for pigeons and calls them to him, then he leads . And the dove roar, blaming a man for a woman . Eggs are religion, vegetables are piety, blacks are masters of women and men, and balcks are owners of mixtures, and whoever is alienated by a dove and does not return to him, he divorces his wife or dies, and whoever has doves has women and slave women who do not spend on them . If the wing of a pigeon is cut, then he will swear to his wife not to go out, or to be born to him by his wife, or to become pregnant . The dove is an Arab man or woman, and whoever slaughters it will spoil a virgin woman, and whoever eats its meat will eat the woman’s money . And pigeons with their chicks, captivity with their children . And the attributed guiding dove, news that comes from afar . And if his wife was pregnant, she gave birth to a boy . It was narrated that a man came to Ibn Sirin and said : I saw as if I had hit a white pigeon that liked me very much, as if one of her eyes was one of the best eyes of a dove, and the other eye in it around had been covered with yellow . Ibn Sirin laughed and said : You marry a beautiful woman that you like very much and it does not matter to you who you saw with her eye, because the defect is not in her eyesight, but is something in her clitoris, and it is bad in her character and harms you with it . So the person of the vision married a woman and saw from her a strong character .