Friend If you dreamed of pleasant and happy friends, then this means good news about them, or that you will see them soon or see their relatives . If you see your friend tired or exhausted, this indicates that illness or misfortune has followed him . If you see your dark-colored friends, this means an unusual illness for you or them . If you see them taking on animal shapes, this means that the enemies will separate you from your closest relatives . If you see your friend wearing dark colors with red flames, this foretells that abominable things will happen to you, causing you anxiety if not a loss and that your friends will be concerned with that . If you dreamed that you saw your friend standing like a statue on a hill, then this means that you will advance in your current situation, but you will restore previous impressions of justice and knowledge, searching for them through every change that occurs . If the boyfriend statue is low, you will ignore the old friends when things get better in the future . If the statue is above a plain or at a level where you are away from it, you will force yourself to search for change despite ties of friendship or self-love . If you dreamed that you saw a friend with a white cloth tied over his face, then this means that you will be hurt by someone who will try to preserve the friendship with you . If you dreamed that you shook hands with a friend who had offended you and that he left you and he seemed sad for him, then this foretells that you will face a quarrel with a raised friend, and a reconciliation may follow . You sure are about to lose someone .