Needle is in a dream a sign for the celibate in marriage, and for the poor to conceal the situation . And whoever sees a thread in a needle, his affairs will be healed, and what was separated from his affairs will be gathered for him . And whoever sees that his needle with which he is sewn has been broken, or taken away from him, his affairs will be dispersed and spoil his affairs . The needle also points to the woman for threading . Likewise, the obelisk : whoever sees that he has an obelisk in his hand, and his wife is pregnant, she bears a daughter . Because there was no burden that indicated his travel . If a person sees that he is eating a needle, he leads his secret to those who harm him . And whoever sees that he has stitched a needle into a person, he will stab him . And whoever sews clothes for the people, he advises them and strives for righteousness among them, because in the language of the Arabs the tailor is the sewing, and the needle is the advice, and the thread is the advice . If he sews his clothes, he will be rich if he is poor, and he will be reunited if he is wasted, and if he is corrupt . If he saw them his robe , he repents of absence, or ask forgiveness of sin, if Rafiyeh elaborate, otherwise apologized unlawfully, and repented from followed, and did not degrade the owner of remedial power, and this came in the parable : the tattle was breached, and repented has Rafa .