the lion

A lion in a dream is a strong, oppressive, brutal, authoritarian ruler because of his daring . And perhaps it indicated death because it was a matter of saving lives . And his vision may indicate the health of the patient . And the lioness is a wicked, cruel woman, dear to the boy . Seeing the lion indicates ignorance, vanity, wonder, obstinacy, wandering, and pampering . And it was said : The lion in a dream is a domineering enemy . And whoever sees the lion from where he does not see it, the seer will be saved from what he fears and will gain wisdom and knowledge . And whoever sees the lion approaching him, they will attain authority, and then he will escape from him . And whoever sees the lion killing it and not killing it, then he will have a constant fever, that the fever does not leave him, or that he is imprisoned, and that fever is a prison for God Almighty . And whoever sees that he is fighting a lion is sick because it is a disease that destroys the flesh, and whoever fights a lion spoils his flesh . And whoever saw that he took something from the flesh of a lion, its bone, or its hair, it would receive money from a ruler or an enemy . And whoever rides the seven while he is afraid of him will be exposed to a calamity that he cannot act towards, and if he is not afraid then he is an enemy that will defeat him . And whoever sees that he has slept with the lion while not being afraid of him is safe from disease . And whoever sees the seven, he goes into a house and there is a sick person, then he will die . If there was no patient there, it indicated fear of the Sultan . And whoever sees that he is afraid of a lion and does not see it, then he is safe from his enemy . And whoever sees that he has seen the lion and sees him with him without mixing with him, then he will be frightened by Sultan, and this will not harm him, and perhaps seeing that indicates death and the near term . And whoever sees the lion in his house, he will strike power and a long life . And whoever sees the lion swearing something from him, he will gain it from an enemy who is so dominant . And whoever sees that he fought a lion, he is fighting a dominated enemy . And whoever sees that he marries a lioness, then he will escape from many adversities, gain victory for his enemy, and take his command higher, and be famous among the people . And whoever sees that he eats the meat of a lion, then he will be hit by money and riches from a ruler, or he will gain victory over his enemy . And whoever sees that he ate the head of a lion, he will strike a great power and a lot of money, and whoever sees that he eats any of the lion’s members, he will hit the money of an enemy who is in power as much as that member . Whoever sees that he has struck from the skin of a lion or from his hair, then he pours the money of a dominant enemy, and it may be an inheritance . And the lion denotes the warrior, the thief or the unjust worker, the chief of the police or the student, and as for the lion entering the city, it is a plague, distress, or a mighty power or an enemy that enters them, unless he enters the mosque and rises to the pulpit, for he is a power that oppresses the people, and gets them from him a calamity. And scary . A lion puppy is born . And it was said : He who saw as if he had killed a lion escaped all the sorrows . Whoever turns a lion becomes unjust according to his condition . And it was said : the lioness is the daughter of a king .